Girls aspire to be superheroes

A recent global survey has found that girls are craving more superheroes tailored to them.

It's time for the world of superheroes to get a makeover. A recent global survey has found a need for more superhero role models for girls.
Traditionally, superheroes have been targeted at boys with caped male crusaders beating bad guys to save their damsels in distress. But in an international study, girls from all countries stated that they want to see more female superheroes. Interestingly, the study found that girls want their superheroes to do more than simply beat the baddies. Girls expect their superhero role models to show empathy to their enemies and do the same sorts of things that they would do if they had super powers: help people and animals whilst wearing something sparkly!
With 90% of girls questioned saying they want to see more superheroes tailored just for them, Barbie is pulling out a cape and mask and transforming into a modern day superhero! Understanding that girls are looking for a different resolution than boys from ‘superhero play’, Mattel has put Barbie in a role that inspires girls to be super themselves.
Lori Pantel, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing for Barbie, says: “We know that girls, too, enjoy empowered heroes but seek an outcome where the perceived bad characters transform to good and friendship is the lasting result. We thought it was time they were inspired by a new superhero that is playful, has extraordinary abilities and uses her powers of forgiveness and friendship to defeat her foe – in a way that only Barbie can.”
The new super-powered Barbie is a high-flying hero who stays grounded by the powers of teamwork and friendship, two critical ways in which girls look to solve conflict. A supporting DVD entitled Barbie in Princess Power digitally ignites the new girl empowered initiative for fans. A modern-day princess story, Barbie stars as Kara, who discovers she has super powers that transform her into Super Sparkle – her secret, crime-fighting alter ego who flies around the kingdom ready to save the day. But it’s not long before her jealous cousin catches a magical butterfly and also transforms – this time into Dark Sparkle, her superhero nemesis. Their rivalry takes to the skies, but to save the kingdom they must soar to new heights and discover that there’s no greater power than friendship.
To celebrate everyday acts of 'being super', Barbie fans can visit an all-new digital destination - besuper.com - where they can interact, create and share their own 'super' stories.
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