Is David Beckham is the perfect stay-at-home dad?

Whether he's cooking, sewing or taking the kids to school, former soccer star David Beckham nails it every time - those four kids certainly are lucky.

He may have hung up his professional soccer boots in 2013, but that doesn't mean David Beckham has been relaxing with his feet up.
While his wife Victoria Beckham is off building her fashion empire, David's duties have become a tad more domesticated than his previous career. The father-of-four has become a full-time stay-at-home dad, and David admits he loves his new day job.
"I love it," he told chat show host Jonathan Ross about becoming a "house husband". "I've been lucky, I've always been able to take the boys to school in the mornings and pick them up and make them dinner and things like that. So I do even more of that."
And, like many suburban parents, David also manages to squeeze in some gym time and long lunches with friends, in-between the school runs.
"I'm able to take all three of the boys to school and then I take Harper to her school for a few hours and then pick her up," he continued. "I'm kind of like a driver at the moment, I'm always in the car."
Check out David doing his dad duties, including school runs, baking pies and even sewing clothes!