Baby Neve's hilarious gift from the Prime Minister of St Lucia

Yes Mon!

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford have been given some beautiful gifts for baby Neve from well wishers, but their new favourite may well be the rastafarian hat complete with dangling dreadlocks from the Prime Minister of St Lucia.
Since attending the UN General Assembly with her mum and dad, baby Neve has received a steady stream of gifts from world leaders, who she clearly made a lasting impression on.
But proud dad Clarke was particularly taken with the rastafarian hat, posting an image of it on his Twitter page, with the caption:
"Neve's received a steady trickle of sweet gifts from a huge variety of world leaders, which I would mostly describe as safe & traditional. That was until this just turned up from the PM of St Lucia!... Yes Mon!!"
"Do the dreads mean she's going to be defecting to the Green Party soon?" The Am Show host Amanda Gillies asked?
"That's the best thing I've seen in ages," tweeted another.
It will certainly come in handy until she grows her own hair!