Amy Schumer returns to work for real this week and shows the world how exhausted she is

And this time there's a little less mum-shaming!

Earlier this year Amy Schumer was mom-shamed for returning to work two weeks after having a baby. But it turns out she was only performing a comedy gig that she'd been contractually obliged to, that fell during her maternity leave.
This week the popular comedian is actually back to work and has taken to social media to mark the moment, sharing an image of her sleeping on the couch with her now three-month-old son, looking completely exhausted.
She has captioned it, "back to work this week. Feeling like 😳💔😢"

Every mum on the planet will relate to this because the reality of having a three-month-old is most babies are still waking in the night, you're possibly still breastfeeding and your hormones are still out of whack.
You (and your partner) are not on top of the housework, cooking a meal is more likely to involve ordering Uber Eats, and you can't remember the last time you had a conversation with your partner that wasn't about your baby's bowel movements or who felt the tiredest.
Try functioning at work on top of all that and the balance becomes even more precarious.
With this post Amy's followers were quick to sympathise, with one saying: "The first week is hard and there are hard moments always. But it's also totally great and fun and honestly it is nice to have a cup of coffee with adults sometimes. For me the worst thing was no naps. But it turns out you can nap at work."
Another commented, "I know the heartache. It's real."
A third said, "Thinking of you! And the never ending push pull [of] motherhood 💗."
One offered this advice: "Return to work is scary and hard. You'll cry a lot and question everything. BUT it gets easier and will allow you to enjoy your time with that wonderful little one. You got this!"

While Amy had felt the need to follow up her first 'back to work' post with a second 'explaining herself' by showing the reality of life at home, let's hope this time she doesn't.
She had nothing to explain the first time round.
The first-time mum welcomed son Gene Attell Fischer into the world on May 5 with husband Chris Fischer.