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How to keep your child safe on social media - with Makaia Carr

The popular Kiwi influencer shares her top tips and talks us through what she does with her kids.

By Karyn Henger
With a Facebook following of 131,000 and Instagram following of 39,000, Kiwi influencer Makaia Carr knows her way around social media. And as the mother of a 12-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son, Makaia also lives and breathes the advice she shares here about how to keep your kids safe on social media.
One of the key points the lifestyle and wellness blogger makes is that social media is here to stay, which means parents need to embrace it and understand the platforms our kids are drawn to.
Social media promotes social connection but can also consume kids. Putting limits on the amount of time your kids spend online is paramount, as is monitoring and discussing what they're doing and seeing online.
As adults - and perhaps because we have not grown up with social media - we have the ability to filter the huge amount of information we receive online, but our kids don't have that ability and it's up to us to teach them.
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