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Two daycare teachers guilty of 'baby fight club'

The two women would encourage the young children to fight and bite each other.

A former childcare worker has been charged with abusing and tormenting a classroom of toddlers in what has been described as ‘baby fight club’.
Keirra Spriggs, 26, underwent a two-week jury trial and was convicted of four felony counts of child cruelty and two misdemeanour counts of assault and battery, facing a possible three years jail time.
Her accomplice at the Minnieland Academy classroom in Virginia, US, was lead teacher Sarah Jordan, 31. She was previously found guilty on 13 similar charges in January, including felony and misdemeanour counts, like child cruelty, assault and battery.
A prosecutor described the scene, which took place in the ‘monkey room’, as ‘baby fight club’. The children were aged under two years old.
Keirra Spriggs.
Witnesses testified at Jordan’s trial that she intentionally tripped toddlers, stepped on their toes, encouraged them to fight each other and sprayed them in the face with a hose on full blast.
Sarah Jordan.
The abuse first came to light in a September 2013 social services report which detailed how Spriggs and Jordan would encourage the young children to fight and bite each other, dunk kids with fears of water into wading pools, and feed them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.
Both childcare workers are currently in jail before their court sentence in May.

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