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Kiwi Muslim women racially abused on Waikato roadside

The verbal attack on the women was vile and shocking.

Disturbing video has emerged of what appears to be a racial attack on a young Kiwi woman and her Muslim friends.
The video was posted to Twitter by Mehpara Khan following a shocking incident at a Waikato rest-stop yesterday.
It shows Khan and her friends being verbally abused by a woman as well as having beer thrown at them.
Stuff reports the incident took place shortly after the 28-year-old corporate communications consultant and her friends had stopped off at Huntly for a break on their way back to Auckland from a trip to New Plymouth.
Khan said the group had only just gotten out of the car to stretch their legs when a woman came out of the bathroom and began to hurl abuse at them.
“All of a sudden this woman comes out of the bathroom and starts swearing at us and telling us that we don’t belong there and that we are Muslim b------, that need to f--- off, basically,” said Khan.
Khan said that it wasn’t the first time she’d been the subject of racial abuse, and was prompted by the memory to take out her cellphone and start filming the woman's expletive laden rant.
“I don’t care if you were born here, you don’t have the right to be here. I was f------ born here, I own this f------ [unclear] now get the f--- off, you ugly f------ Muslim b----, the woman said.
The woman lashed out at the group for no apparent reason. Photo: Supplied.
The video also shows the woman becoming physically aggressive towards the group, throwing beer at them, as well as taking a swing at Khan when she realises she is being filmed.
The group left the scene badly shaken by the incident, and Khan wrote on Twitter that she would be contacting the police.
“I’m covered in beer – I feel disgusting,” she wrote.
Khan also said she’d received an outpouring of support after posting the video.
“My phone is over run with positive messages right now. So good to know that we as Kiwis don’t accept this as our NZ.”
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