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He gave his girlfriend an empty box - and she LOVED it!

It’s the little things that count.

Being given an empty box for a gift might not seem like much, but this woman’s reaction to her boyfriend’s present proves love is all about appreciation for the little things.
After Braxton Sislo came across some fancy packaging for cell phone cases that he was unpacking for the kiosk he worked in, he remembered his long-distance girlfriend Ray had mentioned needing something similar.
So the 21-year-old asked his boss if he could have one to give as a gift, and sent a picture of it to his girlfriend with a couple of texts explaining it was just a box and there was nothing inside.
Thinking she’d just respond ‘wow, thanks babe’ her enthusiastic reply totally took him by surprise.
Finding the whole thing hilarious, Braxton posted the exchange to Twitter. The post has since received over 63,000 likes and 19,000 retweets.
Now others are getting in on the act as well, offering friends and significant others boxes as gifts and posting their replies as part of the fun.
Braxton thinks the reason why the post might have been so popular is because people believe that’s what he is actually giving his girlfriend for Christmas, but he explained to the Huffington Post he’s planning on making the trip to see Ray with plenty of real gifts.
“It’s also [because] people want that in their relationships,” he said. “They want their partner to be grateful over little things. So they see Ray reacting like that and realise, ‘That’s what I want in life, a person that cherishes every small thing I do.’