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Tinder reveals its top 'right-swiped' jobs

The dating app's most right-swiped power rankings aren't what you'd expect!

Dating app Tinder has just released new information ranking those professions it claims are most likely to receive a right-swipe.
While the most-right-swiped ratings do include model, pilot and personal trainer, these don’t take out the top three spots – not even close.
As it turns out, both men and women, are more interested in brains over beauty. Ok, beauty rates, but doing something interesting with your life, it would seem, also goes a long way in terms of making that all-important first (digital) impression.
The most-right-swiped jobs for women on the dating app include registered nurse, teacher and CEO/entrepreneur, closely followed by flight attendant, au pair (nanny) and model.
And, if you’re a guy, the top three-most swiped jobs include architect, sommelier and graphic designer.
The dating app sees more than 1.4 billion swipes in a day, and 11 billion matches have been made around the world to date. In New Zealand more than 5 percent of us are using the app,
Check out the full lists below.
The most-right-swiped jobs held by males are:
  1. Architect
  2. Sommelier
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Teacher
  5. Business development manager
  6. Lawyer
  7. Photographer
  8. Environmental engineer
  9. Actor
  10. Pilot
  11. Doctor
  12. Social media manager
  13. Student
  14. Physical therapist
  15. Art director
The most-right-swiped jobs held by females are:
  1. Registered nurse
  2. Teacher
  3. CEO/entrepreneur
  4. Flight attendant
  5. Au pair
  6. Model
  7. Recruiter
  8. Interior designer
  9. Makeup artist
  10. Journalist
  11. Chef
  12. Student
  13. Marketing director
  14. Travel consultant
  15. Doctor

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