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His girlfriend slipped off a cliff and this is what he did

Someone has got a lot of apologising to do...

A lot of men out there like to think they'd be a 'knight in shining armour' should a crisis ever strike. But how many can actually walk the talk?
One poor bloke has a lot of apologising to do today after he let his partner fall from a cliff into the ocean, pulling away as she tried to cling onto his leg for dear life.
The young couple were on holiday, when the woman decided to jump into the clear blue waters below. Despite her seeming eagerness to take the dive, a second into the jump she hesitates and grabs onto her partner's ankle for support.
However, his reflex response is to pull away, leaving her to plunge into the water below by herself.
The video was first uploaded to Reddit and users were divided in their thoughts on what her boyfriend should have done.
“So dangerous. You got to commit to the jump,” one user wrote.
Another said: “Would have been safer to push her further out than try and stop her from falling." Yet another replied,“Well, he did neither actually. He took the leg away, so he wouldn’t get pulled with her and so gave her the worst fall possible.”
No matter what, you have to admit it's hard to know what you would do in the heat of the moment. We reckon this guy has some serious explaining to do tonight though.
Watch the full video below.