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Grandma’s tactless comment on granddaughter’s Facebook selfie goes viral

Granny’s lack of filter is hilarious - until it’s directed to you.

One Scottish granny is being labelled the most “savage nana” after telling her granddaughter – and the world – she’d be “stunning if she lost weight” on Facebook.
Chloe Gallacher, 19, uploaded a stunning selfie of herself on the social networking site - she had her hair and makeup done perfectly and was clearly expecting a few likes and some lovely comments from her friends. But her 70-year-old grandmother Mary had other ideas.
Twenty minutes after Chloe uploaded the photo Mary commented with this stinging one liner:
“How stunning would you be if you lost weight xx”.
The “xx”… ouch!
Naturally somebody saw the brutal post and uploaded it on Twitter and many have been leaving comments about how they can relate it to their own granny’s honesty.
"This is our mums," wrote one user.
Another wrote: "Imagine having this savage granny."
Chatting to The Sun about the viral post, Chloe said: “She got quite upset because she thought people were taking it as if she was being nasty when that wasn’t the case.”
“I didn’t think anything of it, my nana’s always like that and doesn’t hold back, she’s some woman but we wouldn’t have her any other way.”