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Jenny May only speaks te reo Maori to twin babies

The new mum has revealed she only speaks to her children in Maori.
Jenny May

Jenny May

Jenny May has revealed she only speaks to her baby boys, born in March, in te reo.

After starting to speak the language about “four or five years ago,” Jenny says she’s totally immersed in the language, and uses it to talk to her children.

This comes just as the Maori Language Commission confirm they are in talks with social media giant Facebook – to develop a tool that will translate posts into te reo Maori.

The social media site currently has 94 language options for translating posts – but shockingly Maori is not listed.

Suzanne Wolton discovered this when trying to set up a Facebook page for her Point Chevalier wig and beauty salon, but found she could not select Maori as an option.

She told the New Zealand Herald she found it “shocking” the native language was not listed.

But Maori Language Commission head Ngahiwi Apanui says the commission is now close to signing an agreement with Facebook, which will allow them to use the Maori online dictionary to translate posts on the site.

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