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An Auckland primary school is getting rid of homework

The school wants parents to read with their children instead.

A primary school in Auckland is ditching homework and in turn asking parents to read with their children instead.

Newton Central School is sending children home with books and a reading log in which parents are to sign and comment.

Riki Teteina, principal of Newton Central School, told the NZ Herald that a large part of the decision is to reduce evening stress for children and parents.

“Alleviating that stress that parents often have in the evenings – they are exhausted, their children are exhausted, and they end up having arguments over homework. Rather than actually having positive discussions about how the day went,” he said.

“For children in primary school it is about the cultivation of the love of learning. That comes down to creating an environment where children enjoy learning. One thing that really is important is for our parents, community and staff to promote the love of reading.”

Rike Teteina isn’t the only principal who believes homework isn’t the answer.

According to Target Road principal Helen Varney, homework is not necessary for primary school children.

In the video below Varney talks about why traditional approaches to homework for under-11’s don’t work, what kids are better off doing after school, and how parents can help their kids connect what they’re learning at school with everyday life.

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