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Green Party co-leader James Shaw on his two mums' amazing love story

Green Party co-leader James Shaw opens up about life with two mothers and how they've become his biggest supporters.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has opened up about life with two mothers, revealing to Woman’s Day the moment his biological mum came out as a lesbian.
Abandoned by James’ dad just before she was due to give birth, solo mother Cynthia Shaw later fell in love with fellow teacher Susanne Jungersen while they were working at the same school. She told her son when he was 12.
James, 44, remembers, “She let me know what was going on and I just shrugged my shoulders. I knew Susanne as one of a fun group of teachers who’d always break out a guitar for singalongs, but I had my own regular teen angst to get on with.”
After James unsuccessfully ran for the Wellington City Council at the tender age of 18, Cynthia and Susanne banned from James from a career in politics, but he entered Parliament in 2014 and was voted Green Party co-leader, alongside Metiria Turei, the next year.
With the September 23 election almost upon us, James’ two mums are now his biggest supporters. Susanne tells us, “All of the Greens’ policies have become mainstream – they’re so sane and urgent, they need to be adopted. It’s a mass movement. The tipping point is very close.”
For the full story and all the gorgeous photos, see the latest issue of Woman’s Day.

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