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Which iconic 1 News presenter are you? Take the quiz to find out

Forget being a Miranda or a Carrie, are you a Wendy or a Judy?

This week 1 News at Six celebrates its 50th year of delivering news into our living rooms every evening. Technology has advanced and gone are the days of waiting for footage to be flown in (literally, the Royal NZ Air Force flew across the Tasman to pick up footage of the moon landing) but we still tune in to the nightly news bulletin to keep us informed.
It's had more name changes than your four-time divorcee Aunt Pam but through the good times and bad, the 6pm broadcast has been there to keep us up to date with what's afoot across the country.
After five decades of 1 News newscasters appearing on our screens every day, many are now so familiar to us they seem like family. Richard Long and Judy Bailey were even memorialised in vegetables at The 2001 Ellerslie flower show.
We all have our personal favourites from over the years but each person to have fronted the 1 News cameras has brought their own unique appeal to the job.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of 1 News we're answering the question on everyone's minds: which iconic news presenter are you most like?