Six fun and fabulous wedding trends for 2019 that we love!

We want to throw a wedding just so we can wear this veil!

There are some things about weddings that will always stay the same.
The bride will look gorgeous; there will be music, food and laughter; and everyone will go home feeling that all is right with the world.
But more and more often, couples are bucking wedding traditions to put their own spin on their big day and some of the new trends that are emerging are nothing short of fabulous.
Here, we share with you some of our favourite wedding trends from 2019. The overarching theme is 'do as you please', and we are loving the originality.

When bridal couture meets streetwear

We've all got a favourite denim or leather jacket that goes with everything. If we love it that much, why not wear it when we get married too?
We love this idea of teaming bridalwear with streetwear. Brides are also turning up at the altar in their favourite sneakers.

Pre-wedding crash diets are out

Image: Getty Images
This is real cause for celebration! Frankly, we are over hearing about brides starving themselves to fit into their wedding dress on their big day.
Why does anyone need to drop a dress size in order to get married? Girl, your partner loves you just the way you are!
So, pre-wedding crash diets have been kicked to the curb, with 2019's brides proudly embracing their curves. Pinterest searches on "wedding dresses for curvy brides" are up 2113 per cent, proving that body positive attitudes are here, and (we sincerely hope) here to stay!

Lose the crowd

We've all been to weddings where the bride and groom get swallowed up in the crowd. Today's couples are shunning the idea of traditional big white weddings in favour of slipping away to a faraway destination with just a handful of their nearest and dearest, or even on their own. Pinterest searches with the keyword "elopement" are up 128 per cent, and searches on "destination weddings" are increasing too.
The couple pictured above eloped to Mt Hotham, Victoria, with the help of the team from Anteloping, which specialises in helping couples put elopement packages together.
An intimate destination wedding is far less intimidating for a bride or groom who doesn't like being the centre of attention. Destination weddings are also surprisingly budget-friendly in comparison to throwing a big party, leaving your bank balance in a healthier state for the start of married life together.

Fun with veils

Okay, we confess we wish we were getting married just so we could wear one of these.
UK bridal accessories company Crown and Glory is selling these show-stopping veils that come in rainbow, disco dots, embroidered and dip dye.
They scream fun - and completely embrace 2019's trend of going with colour in bridalwear too.

Celebrating your culture

Image: Getty Images
Of the top 100 trending search terms on Pinterest, 30 per cent are for multicultural weddings such as wedding hijab styles, Nigerian weddings and South Indian weddings.
The diverseness that comes with weddings that celebrate the bride and groom's cultures bring a richness and warmth that makes your big day truly special and unique.

Fluffy flowers

Beautifully wild and overflowing 'as if just gathered from the garden' remains the trend in bouquets. But we're beginning to see more of a use of dried flowers, dry, feathery grasses (like toetoe) and dry wild pods. We love the textures and softness they add.