Bride called a cheapskate after excluding this from her big day

Would you ever attend a wedding like this?


A bride-to-be has been called out for being a cheapskate, after revealing she will be excluding one component from her big day.

And for most of us – it’s part of the upside of going to weddings in the first place.

Writing on wedding thread, WeddingBee, the future bride tells other subscribers that she’s planning a dry wedding.

Telling the other users, she explains that her other half’s family can “drink a TON. Meanwhile my family are fine without.”

And while this seems fair enough – saving money and potential family brawls – the bride has been called a cheapskate over the decision.

One commented went so far as to say she only wants to save money, and that’s the true reason behind her decision.

“Please stop using the excuse that it is because other people can’t handle their alcohol as to why you are not having it… Your real reason is that you just don’t want to host it because you don’t want to have to pay for it.”

What’s your view?

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