The age you'll have your best sex

The older you get, the saucier you become, according to a new study.

Sex is always a touchy subject, and even more so as we age.
But before you go thinking its possible your steamiest days are behind you, science has revealed its far from a sexual desert as we head toward our dotage.
In fact as it turns out, the older we get, the more we’re likely to enjoy sex.
According to new research once we hit our mid-thirties, 36 to be precise, we’re in for the time of our lives.
While we won’t necessarily be having more sex, we will be having the best sex and quite possibly the highest number of orgasms.
And it keeps getting better too apparently, or at least that’s what findings from a survey by contraceptive app Natural Cycles on 2,600 women have shown.
While you’d be forgiven for thinking biology is behind all this, the key to great sex is actually all in the attitude.
As women age, confidence increases. And while this doesn’t automatically translate into great sex, it does mean that on the whole we’re a whole lot more relaxed.
In fact as women approached their 40s, they rated themselves 10 per cent more confident than 23 – 36-year-olds in terms of how confident and happy they were with their appearance.
Women aged 23 and young, experienced far few orgasms, the study found.
Even if you’re well past 30, it’s likely you’re still enjoying a fairly active sex life, according to a separate study.
The research revealed that at least half of the women who took part were having sex well into their older age, with the majority reporting having an orgasm.
The best part: satisfaction just keeps getting better with age.