How to seduce brunettes: Hilarious 1960s dating video emerges

A hilarious dating video from 1967 offers a fascinating insight into the now-extinct courting ritual.

A hilarious dating video made in 1967 has surfaced online, offering a fascinating inside into the now-extinct courting ritual.

The short film, produced by the US military in 1967, advises naval officers on how to make a good impression on women.

Entitled How to Succeed with Brunettes, the clip shows four common social situations: dinner at a fancy restaurant, a trip to the cinema, a small gathering and a night of dancing.

Each segment begins with a witty exhibition of how not to behave, with a sarcastic voiceover offering faux praise at the sailor’s inappropriate and un-gentlemanly behaviour.

The scenario is then replayed to show the chivalrous and correct way to woo a lady.

Story continues after the video…

The US Navy’s guide to succeeding with women:

  • DON’T be late. “Being on time indicates you are a dependable business-like person. And let’s face it, a good-looking girl isn’t going to hang around too long for anybody — too many good-looking young men on the prowl.”

  • DO treat her as an equal. “Women like that.”

  • DO order your date’s food for her. “It’s just good manners.”

  • DO be a gentleman. “Success with brunettes and blondes is built upon respect and being a gentleman is about commanding respect.”

  • DON’T mess up her hair when helping her put on her coat. “If you muss it, you’re going to lose points.”

  • DON’T grab her arm or try to steer her. “Offer your hand or arm and if she wants or needs assistance, she’ll take it.”

  • DO open doors. “View every door as an excellent chance to make a good impression. It’s the way to succeed with brunettes.”

  • DO let ladies go first. “It’s an old saying, but a good one 90 per cent of the time. Of course, if you’re entering a restaurant and there’s no maitre-d to lead you to your table, then you would lead the way and choose an appropriate table.

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