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Dad of two says his sex robot is part of the family

The story that has intrigued, repulsed and disturbed us all at the same time.

This Morning TV show viewers were treated to a bizarre and uncomfortable, at best, interview when dad-of-two Arran Lee Wright appeared on the show to talk about his sex robot Samantha, who often joins him and his wife in the bedroom.

Arran, who is one of the robot's creators, opened up to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on the daytime television show about how Samantha has affected his life.

He revealed that not only is his wife completely fine with the robot but that his children know about her too!

He explained on the show: "Samantha has a family mode. She can talk about animals, philosophy, science, she's got a programme with a thousand jokes which is at random so I don't know all of them.

"So there's a lot to Samantha – she's advanced."

He then went on to explain how his two children, aged five and three, interact with the robot: "My children they say 'where's Samantha?'

"When we brought her in the car they really enjoyed having her there."

Even though psychologist Emma Kenny argued that having sex robots is a way of objectifying women, Arran's wife Hannah admitted she's "completely" happy having "Samantha" a part of her family.

She explained to the This Morning presenters: "We as women, I’m not offended to have her around, I'm not worried she might be replacing me.

"She is just someone there as a family member... She helped us to enhance our relationship."

Even though Arran and Hannah were happy about Samantha, lots of This Morning viewers were surprised about the idea.

One person tweeted: "Actually traumatised wtf😂😂😂😂 #ThisMorning"

Someone else commented: "His poor kids will be traumatised when they're older that they've played with their parents sex doll #ThisMorning"

Another wrote: "Just caught up with @thismorning. WOW! That doll was alarming. Family mode! Wife utterly oblivious! My god @emmakennytv spoke perfect sense"

Others took to Twitter and said:

"#thismorning @thismorning how can you even find that sex doll attractive?? the voice itself is enough to freak. me. OUT!"

"Family mode for the kids after mum & dad have been in the bedroom with it doing god knows what?! This isn't healthy surely?! 😯 #ThisMorning"

"Please stop letting your sex doll/robot interact with your children. It's just wrong #ThisMorning 😭😂"

"He's got his hand on the dolls leg! Wtf.........🤣😂😟 OMG I can't get over this. #ThisMorning"

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