10 signs your partner really loves you

Forget the grand gestures of romance, here's how to really tell how much your partner loves you!

Love notes written in the steamed-up bathroom mirror, enormous bouquets of flowers delivered to your work, poetry. Sure they're romantic and sweet gestures, but call us hardened and cynical - they're also just a little bit naff.
And when these gestures are few and far between - with you not feeling appreciated the other 362 days of the year - they don't count for much. It's the day-to-day stuff that speaks romance - the devil, as they say, is in the detail.
Psychologist Dr Ruth Jillings backs our theory:
"It's easy to pull a rabbit out of the hat every once in a while and wow someone with your thoughtfulness, but it's the daily small gestures of support that count. You need to feel from your partner that they've got your back."
With that in mind, we've collated a list of signs that we think truly demonstrate a person's love and affection for you:
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1. They give up the comfy seat in the restaurant for you and sit on the hard wooden chair.
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2. They occupy the kids on the morning of your birthday so you can have a lie in.
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3. They let you win an argument – even when they know you’re wrong.
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4. They sit through chick flicks with you – even when they’d rather be watching the rugby.
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5. They wash the floors every Saturday morning because they know housework is a joint effort.
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6. They restock your favourite wine when you’ve had a rough day.
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7. They know how you like your tea.
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8. They save your name as something cute in their phone.
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9. They eat the pickle in your burger.
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10. They give you the last piece of chocolate, even though they know it's you that's eaten most of it.