Who knew that cats love playing for their food?

Keep your cat entertained by adding variety with food and play.

Healthy cats love their food but if you're serving all your moggy's chow to them in a bowl, they may be getting bored.
Cats' natural instincts are to hunt for food, and the best way to satisfy their instincts is to give them lots of opportunities to play for food treats, says cat behavioural expert Dr Jess Beer.
Dr Beer says this approach to treats and play has become a global trend. And for rescue cats such as shelter cats, it's especially important because their difficult start in life means they can sometimes struggle with anxiety and depression. Playing for toys and treats can help rehabilitate them if they suffer from neurological disorders, Dr Beer says. Playing with toys and treats for any cat can keep them occupied, happy and busy.
With Christmas coming up now is the perfect time to get creative with your cat. Try these ideas with your moggy:
My cat likes to hide in boxes - slip some Temptations cat treats inside.

How to introduce treats and playtime for your cat

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