Love pugs? You'll want to book tickets to this

You can even volunteer to work at the event.

Chances are, you know someone who is a total pug fanatic. Someone who, despite the breed's squished up faces, breathing difficulties and general poor design, is completely obsessed with the little things.
It might be worth letting them know then, that a festival devoted to pugs themselves will be taking place this year over in the UK.
And while it may not be the mots convenient location for us Kiwis, if any pug lovers happen to be in Europe for their summer, this could be a perfect addition to their trip.
Held in various locations across the country, 'Pugfest' has dozens of Pug themed activities to choose from, celebrity guests, and even more importantly - gin.
Tickets are quickly selling out, but there's still a chance to volunteer. Head to website here to get involved.