The 5 secrets to a happy cat

If your cat can be a bit anti-social, here are some tips to feel more love.

Whether you're introducing a new cat to the household or your cat has always been shy (or maybe she's just snobby) these five tips will help you get more face-to-face time with your favourite feline.

1. Start small

This one is especially for the adorably brand new kitties. When bringing home a new feline companion, begin by putting it in a small room along with bedding, food, water, toys and a litter box. If possible, it should be a guest bedroom or bathroom; the smaller space will make them feel more secure.

2. Patience darling

One of the reasons you got a cat was so you could bury your face in their soft, fluffy fur… Don't worry, your time will come! But for now, patience is your virtue. Move slowly, speak gently and avoid making loud sounds. Let her approach you, holding your hand out with the palm down.

3. Playtime

You may need to experiment a little to find the best toys to lure in a shy or snobby cat. Luckily, the variety of cat toys available makes it so much fun to choose! It's probably best to avoid noise-making toys to begin with; the classic cat wand is a good place to start as it allows you to control the level of play.

4. Food, food, food

Treats are the tools of trade for animal trainers because food motivates our furry friends more than anything else (actually, the same could be said of humans). Use food to coax a hiding cat to come out, or a shy cat to come closer. DINE® Creamy Treats have been known to win over even the snobbiest of cats.

5. Don’t give up

If your dear wee moggy is a rescue cat or just awfully shy, despite your efforts they might regress – and by that we mean going from playing back to hiding. Don't lose hope, just finish up that socialising session with something he does like such as a quick play with a catnip mouse followed by a treat. Tomorrow is a new day.