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Two working mums give their tips and tricks for eco-friendly living

Busy working mothers share their tricks for an eco-conscious family life.

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Working toward a brighter future and a planet for your kids to be proud of is a dream for all mums. However, balancing the demands of a career with children and an environmentally-minded household can seem daunting. Luckily, little, achievable changes can form good habits that make a difference.
Working mothers Kath Gola and Claudia Holland share the environmentally friendly tips that work for them below.

Kath Gola

For working mother-of-two Kath Gola it's so important to regularly get back to basics. She simply loves to share her passion for food and nature with her husband and sons, and together they've formed a fun-loving and efficient eco-friendly team.
In the future she'd love to get chickens and an electric car, but for now, the little things are all adding up. Here, she shares her top tips.

Kath's tips

1. Start from scratch
"I'm at my happiest when I'm making and creating. Most recently I made pizza sauce and homemade pizzas, and cooked them in the pizza oven my husband built. It was great for the kids to learn about where their food comes from, as well as the value of hard work. Next time I'll get out the cheese-making kit!"
2. Think ahead
"We organise a weekly click and collect to save both time and bags. We always have a family roast on Sundays and I keep the leftovers for Monday's dinner. I also make big batches of food for the
week on a Sunday, using the heat from the oven for more than one meal."
3. Hit the tracks
"As a family we love ticking off the local walks – with a classic Kiwi packed lunch – leaving only footprints, as they say. It's exercise that's free with no detrimental effect on the environment and the scenery helps motivate us – with the promise of an ice cream at the end for the kids!"

Claudia Holland

Claudia, Simon, Jaxon, 5, and Aria, 2, love their family time. Whether they're out at the beach exploring rock pools, or inside neck high in cardboard boxes, Claudia and Simon always try to give the kids new experiences.
The kids are already environmentally aware – Jaxon has learnt about beach clean-ups at school, and Aria likes disposing of "naughty" litter – but even when they're choosing family activities they like to keep the planet in mind.

Claudia's tips

1. Off the grid
"We introduced a Saturday games afternoon instead of watching a movie. We started with Snakes and Ladders but because we enjoyed it so much we trawled Trade Me to stock up our games cupboard. The kids learn about patience, strategy and being a good sport. Losing isn't fun but it happens, and you have to know how to handle it graciously – we're still working on this one!"
2. Out and about
"We love getting outside on the weekend to go on walks and bike rides and teach the kids about the things they see in nature. Our favourite is a 7km route around an estuary in Orewa. There are beautiful birds to watch and we see if we can work out what kind they are."
"Afterwards we ask the kids about the most interesting thing they saw. This is a nice way to let the kids express their experiences and their appreciation of nature."
3.True treasure
"Upcycling secondhand furniture is one of our favourite activities. Two recent projects were a solid wooden toy box on wheels and a small chest of drawers. It's very messy, especially the painting, but heaps of fun. They take such pride in helping to create these items which are totally unique."

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