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How to choose an exterior colour for your home

No matter what your home's exterior is cladded in, there is a Resene product for all

Whether your home's exterior is clad with weatherboard, timber, concrete, brick, plaster stucco, fibre-cement or corrugated steel, there is a Resene product that's fit to protect it from whatever nature throws at it. But when it comes to choosing your colours, the most popular hues often correlate to the style of the home.
Resene whites, creams, light greys and blues such as Resene Rice Cake, Resene Villa White, Resene Grey Chateau and Resene Duck Egg Blue continue to be popular options for traditional villas, earth tones like Resene Flax, Resene Colins Wicket and Resene Woodsman Uluru and classic reds like Resene Pioneer Red are great choices for mid-century homes and dark greys and blacks like Resene Tuna, Resene Foundry, Resene Nero and Resene Woodsman Pitch Black suit contemporary styles.
Timber stained with Resene Woodsman offers natural appeal while protecting your investment from the weather. Board and batten wall stained in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Smokey Ash, deck in Resene Woodsman Decking Oil Stain Tiri.
When choosing medium to dark paint and wood stain colours on any of your home's exterior surfaces, consider using the Resene CoolColour formula. A Resene CoolColour looks like the regular Resene colour but has been technologically formulated to reflect more of the sun's harsh UV rays to better protect your coating and substrate.
Black continues to be a popular colour choice for contemporary exteriors. Walls painted in Resene CoolColour Bokara Grey and fascia and pergola in Resene CoolColour Black. Design by Atlas Architects, image by Tess Kelly.
Exposure to UV light causes timber to lose its colour and grey, so always protect any outdoor timber cladding on your home with an exterior wood stain or paint. Resene CoolColour paints and stains reflect more heat to keep surfaces cooler than the normal colour.
Weatherboards painted in Resene Pumice, trims and soffits in Resene Sea Fog and foundation and door in Resene Porter.
If you have a traditional-style villa choosing a subtle green tone such as Resene Pumice, Resene Ottoman, Resene Pewter or Resene Ravine to paint the weatherboards helps keep things light and bright while creating enough contrast for white trims in a classic white like Resene Sea Fog or Resene Half Merino to stand out.
Wall painted in Resene Sour Dough with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium mixed with Resene Blanc applied on top, floor in Resene Walk-on Concrete Clear tinted to Resene Claywash.
Paint is a great opaque option for changing the look of your concrete walls, patio pavers or planters, but you can also add buildable semi-transparent colour with the Resene In The Wash collection of concretewash finishes. Resene ConcreteWash colours can be applied to surfaces in a uniform manner using spray application, such as on these outdoor patio paving stones, to achieve an even wash of colour. But if you're after an artistic, fresco-like look, you can experiment with how you apply Resene ConcreteWash.
Mimic the chic look of Mediterranean tiles on your patio pavers by hand-painting or stencilling them in an array of complementary designs. Weatherboards painted in Resene Half Grey Chateau, patio floor in Resene Landscape Grey and Resene Off Piste.
For help choosing the right Resene colours, paints and wood stains to bring out the best in your home, or even just advice on how to get the prep work done, come in and see your local Resene ColorShop team. Or use the free Ask a Resene Paint Expert online or Ask a Resene Colour Expert online