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Why embracing modern technology can improve your everyday life

Make your life easier and take an active approach to your health and wellbeing with the help of a few smart devices.

By Now To Love with Noel Leeming
When was the last time you heard someone say technology was good for you? Or that you should be incorporating gadgets into your life to improve your wellbeing?
With our daily lives now centred around technology thanks to computers and smartphones always being within reach, we're often told that going on a 'digital detox' from time to time is one of the keys to reconnecting with ourselves.
While there's no denying that ditching your phone every so often or limiting your time on social media is a wonderful practise, there are many ways in which embracing technology can have positive effects on your health and wellbeing.
By incorporating a few key smart devices into your daily routine, you can feel more empowered to reach your personal health goals.
From fitness trackers that remind you to get up and move around every hour, to smart home devices that set a timer for your heat pump, and even blenders with inbuilt nutrition trackers, these savvy pieces of technology all have one thing in common: they enable you to take an active role in the health and wellbeing of you and your family.
So don't think of technology as the enemy, think of it as a necessary part of your toolkit for everyday life.

A new level of wellbeing

Adopting technology that enhances your daily life doesn't need to be daunting. You can go all out with a smart home device that 'speaks' to your other smart-capable devices (for example, WiFi light bulbs and air conditioning units) or start small with a piece of wearable tech that's all about you and you alone. The choice is yours.
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Fitness technology is constantly improving to offer new ways to take control of your personal health goals. Amp up your exercise routine with a set of Bluetooth headphones for connectivity and of course, an epic workout soundtrack. For that extra hit of motivation, a wearable device such as a Fitbit can log a range of data based around how much you move, your distances travelled, your heart rate and your sleep patterns.


Seek a moment of escapism anytime, anywhere with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB. With twice the storage of the previous generation, a single battery charge that lasts weeks - not hours, plus access to millions of titles including new releases and best sellers, it really is the ultimate relaxation companion. Did we mention it's waterproof? See you at the beach!

Nutrition trackers

Being healthy doesn't just involve moving your body every day, it's also about the fuel you give your body to keep that engine running. Creating nutrient-rich meals is an essential part of a holistic approach to wellbeing, so having a device on hand to help figure out the macronutrient breakdown of your meals will help take the guesswork out of healthy eating. A nutrition tracker can provide nutritional information in real time; it's simply a smarter way to reach your health goals, whatever they may be.

Make it your own

The next step is to figure out exactly which device is right for you, your family and your home, so it pays to speak to an expert. Here, Jackie Smith, Noel Leeming Customer Experience Manager and former Olympic athlete shares her favourite pieces of technology to enhance your wellbeing.

Wearables – Jaybird X4 Sport Bluetooth In Ear Headphones

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Nutrition tracker - Nutribullet Balance

With a Bluetooth enabled smart nutrition sensor, the new Nutribullet Balance takes the guesswork out of healthy living by giving you real-time nutrition data as you build recipes. Select from hundreds of in-built step-by-step recipes or customise your own.
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