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How Chlöe Swarbrick is planning to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Reduce, reuse, rejoice.

By Ellen Mackenzie
Plastic-free was the environmental buzzword of 2018 and Green Party MP Chlöe wants to make sure the message is not forgotten in the last-minute Christmas madness.
"We should be thinking about our impact on the planet at all times, but at Christmas in particular, there's so much waste generated from packaging and presents," tells the passionate politician, who became New Zealand's youngest MP in 42 years when she entered Parliament last year at age 24.
"Get creative with gifts because, at the end of the day, it's the thought that really counts – it's not about buying a tonne of stuff. We can use leftover newspaper or upcycle old paper, and gift a plant, a reusable Keep Cup or an experience like a holiday!"
After her first year in the Beehive, Chlöe is looking forward to a break and certainly understands how the environment can often be an afterthought during the hectic festive schedule.
"It's one of those conversations that isn't on the table because we're just all so busy and then we jump in the car to go to the mall. It's important to take a step back and think about the meaning of Christmas."

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