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Beat the heat with these cooling fans

A cooling fan is everyone's favourite accessory for summer

An affordable, effective way to cool down during the sweltering summer heat, finding a cooling fan should be a breeze. That's why we've done our research to compile a handy list of the best portable fans you can buy in New Zealand.
Whether you're after a model for your bedroom, living room or office, or you have your eye on a tower, desk, or pedestal fan, these top-rated gadgets will keep you cool, calm and collected over the next few months.

Which type of fan is better for cooling?

Air circulator fans are said to be the most effective because they can create a cycle of air flow in an entire room. To compare, a regular fan will only reach what lies directly in front of it. Having said this, any air cooler fan will help when you throughout the summer – you may just have to position it closer to you. You don't have to break the bank to catch a break from the heat, it just comes down to convenience and extra features.

The best cooling fans for summer

Delonghi Oscillating Tower Fan, $138.99, from Marston Moor

Cool down at home with this nifty oscillating tower fan. It features three speeds and three wind modes (normal, natural and sleep), with an easy-to-use LED display, remote control and timer. With a sleek, portable design, it's easy to place in the corner of any room. The fan also encompasses an ionizer for improved air quality.

2 in 1 Bladeless Fan Heater/Cooler, $269.97 (usually $559.95), from Best Deals

This bladeless, oscillating number has year-round use potential with its cooling and heating functions. Harnessing air multiplier technology, it cools the room quickly and evenly for a comfortable environment, and its LED touch screen and infrared remote control mean that using the fan is a breeze. Its sleek design is also a winner, as it'll seamlessly integrate into your home's decor.

Electus Desktop fan, $59.90, from Folders

Keep calm at work with this portable fan. You can run it without the need for mains power, and when it needs recharging, connect it to a USB power source. The cooling fan is easily positioned on your desk with a 45° angle adjustment, so you can get the cool air exactly where you need it. For ease of cleaning, the front guard is removable.

Dreo Tower Fan, $117.33, from Amazon

Boasting a slim design, this portable tower fan packs a punch. Harnessing four modes (normal, natural, sleep and auto) and four speeds, you can personalise your comfort at the touch of a button or by using the remote. Delivering a high-speed, supercharged airflow, activate the cooling fan's auto mute function in sleep mode for a restful slumber.

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ purifying fan heater, $1,099 from Dyson

Scorching days won't stand a chance against the Dyson Hot+Cool Purifying Fan Heater. As well as cooling and purifying your room in summer, it'll keep you warm in winter. The model boasts a powerful filtration system propelled by state-of-the-art Dyson technology and offers a smooth yet powerful airflow throughout the entire room.

Gaiatop USB Desk Fan, $18.42, from Amazon

After an aesthetically pleasing yet cooling fan? This USB-powered desk fan is available in six colours, including gorgeous pastels for optimal colour coordination. A convenient size, you can easily transport it in your bag to embrace the cool breeze wherever you go.

Grelife Oscillating Desk Table Fan, $67.04, from Amazon

The perfect side for your bedside table or desk, this space-saving fan features three speeds and oscillation functions to customise your cooling experience. Its bladeless design means there's no risk of injuring little fingers or paws, and it's quiet enough to run while you sleep.

Sweetfull Portable Neck Fan, $50.27, from Amazon

Only those prone to overheating will truly understand the need for a gadget like this portable neck fan. It's great for travelling in your car, fishing, or even attending a music festival, and it'll keep your makeup intact and provide endless breeze. Affordable and rechargeable via USB, this fan will be your best friend come summer.

Dyson Purifier Cool Purifying Fan, $1,049, from Dyson

This nifty circulator fan cools and purifies the room, removing ultrafine particles from the air. It's easy to use — connect to it from a distance and control it through the Dyson app on your phone. You can even use the fan for purifying alone (without the added cooling element), so it's an excellent investment for all-year-round use.

Oscillating Fan with Clamp 6, $44.90, from Folders

This cooling fan is great to grab and go. Fitted with a clamp attachment and cigarette lighter power plug, it's great for any car or truck. There are mounting screws should you want to give it a permanent residence, otherwise you can pack it away until it's needed.

Simpeak Mini Portable USB Desk Fan, $27.98, from Amazon

Another great on the go option, the Simpeak Mini Portable USB Desk Fan has three adjustable speed settings, as well as 360-degree rotation. Small in size, the quiet fan is a great addition to the office desk. You can even carry it around in your bag.

Living & Co Pedestal Fan, $50, from The Warehouse

A classic pedestal fan, this number features three-speed settings, a one-hour timer and a remote for ease of use. It boasts an adjustable height and offers an oscillating function for improved air circulation. But get in quick because these fans will be snapped up fast as the temperature rises.