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Nestlé has announced that Milo is going back to its original flavour and Kiwis are just too excited!

There are some recipes that you should never mess with!

In, surely, what is the most exciting news of the week, Nestlé has announced that Milo will be reverting back to its original flavour.
Kiwis all over the country - my young son included - were outraged when in 2015 Nestlé changed the recipe for the iconic Kiwi classic chocolate milk drink.
Nestle removed its vitamin A, B1 and magnesium components, and added vitamin D, B3, B6, and B12, to "help active kids, and adults, perform at their best".
But the flavour changed significantly and complaints came flooding in.
Kiwi mum Taryn Ibell set up a Facebook page in protest, Change Milo back to the old recipe, saying, "it tasted disgusting - like all malt and nothing else" and Kiwis flocked to the page to also express their annoyance.
Like many mums, Taryn had used Milo as a way to encourage her daughter to drink milk, but now her daughter wouldn't "touch the stuff".
Milo - a Kiwi pantry staple until they changed the flavour. Thank goodness they're changing it back!
Nestlé Business Manager Anna Stewart said today, "We've had ongoing feedback that Kiwis missed the old taste of Milo, so we knew it was time to bring it back.
"Our absolute focus has been on recreating this much-loved flavour – and we're excited for Kiwis to try the new Milo Classic NZ Taste and let us know what they think," added Ms Stewart.
Celebrity chef Chelsea Winter has welcomed the news, saying she's always loved Milo and that it reminded her of her childhood.
"I have fond memories of getting up at 2am to watch the rugby - always with a hot mug of Milo."
Chelsea is expecting a baby with partner Douglas Renall and says, "Being pregnant it's one of the things I've craved, so not many days go by right now without a hot Milo made fancy with my milk frother."
"I'm a Milo girl through and through, so there's always got to be a tin of Milo in the cupboard."
Last year Milo ditched its 4.5 star health rating, a move that Consumer New Zealand welcomed.
On its own, the Milo powder only earns 1.5 stars - it's made up of 50 per cent sugar. Its high rating was based on the drink being made with skim milk, however Consumer NZ research showed that most New Zealanders made the drink with standard blue-top milk.
Milo Classic NZ Taste is due in stores nationwide from Monday 20 May.