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Auckland’s next level high tea experience

Three editors explain why High Tea by Cordis is perfect for any occasion. And vegans rejoice - they've got you covered too.
Cordis High Tea

A High Tea by Cordis is the perfect treat for families, foodies and romantic getaways. Their exquisite array of handcrafted sweets, pastries and fluffy scones are inspired by delicious New Zealand ingredients and served on elegant fine china.

Executive chef Volker Marecek is committed to seasonal food and changes the menu four times a year to reflect this, adapting the pastries and cakes on offer to represent the flavours and colours of each season.

He is proud to serve a fully vegan option, lovingly created with the exactly the same level of care and creativity. Enjoy the toasted roasted cauliflower with citrus and curry, and pita pockets filled with seasonal roasted vegetables and hummus, or indulge in a decadent eggless chocolate cake served with coconut whip and caramel popcorn.

Cordis’ High Tea (above) and Vegan High Tea (below).

The Cordis team have made a name for themselves crafting a number of special high teas including a Mary Poppins inspired tea, Chocolate High Tea for Easter and numerous seasonal high teas inspired by the freshest New Zealand ingredients available.

For Shelley Ferguson, Sophie Gray and Sido Kitchin, their High Tea by Cordis experience was one they won’t easily forget.

Shelley Ferguson – Family Fun

“My husband, two boys and I were treated to a New Zealand-inspired high tea in the hotel lobby. The tables were stunningly decorated with flowers and foliage and the selection of delicacies was extraordinary – the boys felt very grown up, special and pampered, and so did we.

“Some hotels are all about me time, but this was our time, as a family. Who says you can’t relax in the city?”

Sophie Gray – A Foodie’s Dream

“No visit to Cordis is complete without experiencing High Tea by Cordis, and the resident tea sommelier ensures you don’t confuse your Assam with your Oolong.

“When it comes to flavour matching, I always take advantage of expert advice and the staff were both charming and knowledgeable.

“The food is outstanding, witty and intricate, but the highlight was a house-blended tea of camomile and butterfly pea flowers – bright blue when poured, turning to violet when lemon was added, this liquid magic concluded a marvellous meal.”

Sido Kitchin – Romantic Getaway

“Who knew having a cup of tea could be quite so fancy?! Cordis is full of special memories for Conrad and I after enjoying a weekend stay together – and we’ll never forget the High Tea in the elegant Lobby Lounge.

“With over 100 choices of tea on the menu and a silver tray piled high with treats, it would be easy to be overwhelmed, but our lovely tea sommelier soon put us at ease with her expert knowledge – and a glass of champagne!

“In addition to the classic cucumber sandwiches and fluffy scones with cream and jam, there were so many yummy delights to choose from, we didn’t know where to start. Again, our expert was on hand – begin at the bottom tier and work your way up – starting with savoury and ending with the decadent sweets. Amazing!”

The High Tea by Cordis experience starts at $59 per person. For details, click here.

Their vegan High Tea also starts at $59 per person. For details, click here.

Cordis, Auckland is part of a collection of 5 star timeless hotels by Langham Hospitality Group.

83 Symonds Street, Auckland

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