Woman with Down Syndrome presents weather

The 21-year-old has fulfilled a lifelong dream: to present the weather on national TV.

Down Syndrome
Melanie Segard, 21, has always wanted to be a weather presenter, but because she has Down Syndrome, assumed this would never happen for her.
But thanks to an appeal to the French public for her dream job, Melanie has presented the weather on national television.
After some help from French charity Unapei, the youngster was flooded with job offers from national networks such as France 2 and BFMTV.
The charity, which works to make a more inclusive society of those with disabilities, started a campaign that translates as “Melanie can do it.”
She went with national network France 2, being trained for fours days with the studio team.
On March 14, Melanie presented the weather in the evening broadcast, sharing her elation after on her Facebook page.
"I did it," she told followers. "I'm finally a weather girl."
And her segment, despite lasting just 30 seconds, brought a record number of viewers to the show, with 5.3 million tuning into the broadcast.
On receiving her intial offers to present, Melanie said: “I am different, but I would like to show everyone that I can do plenty of things. I want to prove it by appearing on TV.”
Melanie challenged French media to offer her a job if her campaign reached 100,000 likes.
In a matter of days, Melanie had reached her goal.
You can see her Facebook here.
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