Sensing Murder medium Carin Anderson - 'I've predicted the winning Lotto numbers'

Relationships, men, babies – everyone wants to know about that stuff! I don’t feel pressure to give information, though. I can only help with whatever I get at the time.

By Ciara Pratt
"I've held a number of other jobs throughout my life. I've taken the exam to become a real estate agent, I've driven airport shuttles and in my younger days I worked in a shoe establishment, as well as being a mother to five children.
But I know now this − being a medium − is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm here on this earth to help people.
I've had this ability as a medium all of my life. Growing up, I had premonitions and I would see things. In my early twenties, I experienced a lot more − hearing voices, seeing things, even seeing things before they happened.
You didn't really talk about it back then. So I didn't say anything at all to anybody and I had to try and deal with it alone.
At first, you wonder what's going on? Who are these people I'm seeing? Who's talking to me?
Spirits would connect with me through dreams to send messages to their loved ones or I'd walk into a room and I would feel other spirits around people. And they'd even ask me to pass a message on to the person and most often I'd have to say no.
But now, people are more open to receiving messages, even men!
People don't understand the process of how it actually works. I say the spirit world is at another level: when we leave earth, we go to the next level. I'm in control of my readings, so I focus and tune in to the afterlife. I can hold items, look at photos, read photos, handwriting – I use a tool to connect, it uses your vibration.
One of the big areas I focus on and get messages around is a person's health. I can look at a person and pick up certain areas of the body that a spirit is focusing on.
Spirits pick up on the outside energy of the body before we feel anything, and they reference that area.
One woman, who had been chronically ill, came to me after going to doctors who couldn't provide a diagnosis. She asked if there was anything I could see, and I told her to go back to the doctor and ask for a specific test to do with the bowel area.
She got the test done and rang me, saying they diagnosed her with bowel cancer. If she hadn't received that diagnosis in time, the doctors would have only given her six months to live.
That's what spirits do. They walk by our side and give us signs. If you keep seeing a person who looks like someone who's passed away, that's them helping you to remember that person. And I think what I do can bring people peace and a new look on life.
Relationships, men, babies – everyone wants to know about that stuff! I don't feel pressure to give information, though. I can only help with whatever I get at the time.
On the topic of Lotto numbers, however, there was once a woman who was a friend of a friend. She came to me and I got all these numbers during her reading, and so I told her, 'You're going to be out with your father and there will be this random corner dairy you go past on the way to town. Stop there and get a ticket.'
A few weeks later, what happened? She was out with her dad driving into town, they passed a dairy and she remembered to stop and go in. The line was really long, so she ended up getting a ticket with random numbers because she couldn't find the numbers I'd given to her. But when she checked the numbers the next day, those numbers came up and she could have won around $35,000.
You can't really use the ability for yourself, although I might get a feeling towards something. It's normally with just everyday things, such as when I'm driving I'll be warned that there may be a dog on the road around the corner and sure enough there is!
With Sensing Murder, you never know who you will be working with or what you'll be looking at. You are told to be at a location at a certain time and that's all the information you are given.
You can be picked up, taken to the airport and I don't even know if we're going domestic or international! That's okay because I just tune in and do my work with whatever I am given. It's really special to be able to have this role and it's good to be able to help people who have lost loved ones."

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