4 ways to get toned fast

Target those areas that need a tone-up with these upgraded exercises.

If toning is your goal, try these moves to strengthen and shape the arms, legs, shoulders and glutes.
Here, personal trainer Lee-Anne Wann takes some tried and true exercises and adds a simple twist, which not only helps to boost the burn factor, but also ensures you switch on the right muscles to make your workout more effective.
Each exercise can be modified to suit your skill level, you can work at your own pace at home and, best of all, the only equipment you need for this wallet-friendly workout is a solid chair.
Get moving!

Workout 1: The no-dip triceps

An oldie but a goodie, the tricep dip works the back of the arms – and let’s face it ladies, a lot of us want to tone that area!
For this version, take a sturdy chair, and sit on your hands. Next, lift your bottom off the chair, and take one hand away. No dipping, no moving, just hold.
You can start with five seconds, eight seconds, whatever it may be until you feel the muscle engage.
This exercise is a bit more challenging, but it will ensure you turn the muscle on, which will help shape and tone.

Workout 2: The upgraded plank

Planking is great for toning the core, arms and shoulders, and with this small modification, you can use it to work the glutes as well.
Take a stable chair, and push yourself up tall with your arms. Next, lift one leg. That’s it! It’s so simple, but hold it for a few seconds and you will feel your body start to work, especially your butt and abdominals.
Hold it for as long as possible and when you’re ready, lower your foot down and repeat with the other leg.

Workout 3: The upgraded squat

This move will help to engage the bum, and with the right footwork, you can hit the inner and outer thighs as well.
Stand in front of a chair, and make sure you turn your feet outwards – think old school ballet plié squat. Keeping the upper body nice and tall, squat down on the chair and come back up.
Always make sure you’re actually seated on the chair when you go down. This is going to help lift the tush a little; who doesn’t want a bit of that?!

Workout 4: The upgraded lunge

Take a stable chair and rest your foot on the seat behind you, with your other leg out in front.
With a tall posture, drop down into the front leg, and carefully come back up.
Even if you can only drop down a little bit, that’s fine – it may not feel like a lot but after 10-12 reps with good form, you will definitely get the stretch.
If you want to go deeper, be careful not to put pressure on the knee joint.
This move helps to stretch the hip flexor, which aids posture, as well as gently working the core and butt area.

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