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How to eat healthy on vacation and stick to your diet while travelling

Clinical nutritionist and naturopath, Jess Blair, explains to Now To Love that we can enjoy our holidays while also nourishing our bodies.

Eating healthy and avoiding packing on the kilos can be tricky over the holiday period, which is why we've picked the brain of clinical nutritionist, naturopath and Wellness by Blair founder, Jess Blair, about all-things food.
From what to do when we've had way too many wines and need to show our liver some love to easy ways we can eat well while travelling, Jess has us covered.

How can we balance having foodie fun on holidays without compromising the nutritional needs of our bodies?

Holidays are a time to relax, rewind and maybe eat a few too many of the good foods or drink too much wine! My general rule of thumb is to start the day off the same as you would at home, so a good nutritious breakfast, then if you want to add some extra treats in have them at lunch or dinner, but not both. This may not work for everyone, but you want to make sure you are still getting the nutrients you need. If you are drinking more alcohol than usual, make sure you are hydrated and having lots of greens to make sure your liver is working well too!

What are some simple tips or rules to live by when it comes to including a bit of healthiness in our diets while we are overseas?

I LOVE trying local food, and I think whilst travelling you should too! I don't believe in travelling all the way to Italy and not trying their pasta, however it's all about moderation. Enjoy that bowl of pasta!

What are some unhealthy foods we should try to steer clear of when travelling?

It isn't that certain foods shouldn't be eaten, just eat in moderation. If you want to have pancakes for breakfast, do it - just make sure the rest of your meals are as nutritious as can be. You want to feel re-energised after a holiday not exhausted and fatigued from not getting the right nutrients in!

Do you know of any healthy foods we can eat to almost ‘counteract’ all the unhealthy eating we are doing?

Not counteract but getting your servings of vegetables in EVERY SINGLE DAY. Make sure you are eating or drinking your vegetables as this will help keep your liver, digestion, skin and your immunity healthy whilst travelling!

Our immune system can take a hit when we travel (be it from little sleep, plane germs etc), what are some immunity-boosting foods you recommend we eat?

Garlic! Anything with Garlic will help boost your immune system, high probiotic foods such as kimchi, kombucha and saukerkraut and also a good probiotic will help! Drinking enough water, and getting fresh air! I always recommend still exercising on holidays, but doing something you enjoy!

Are there any foods or drinks we can give our liver to ease the strain?

Holiday drinking is very common and enjoyable too! I hardly drink but on holidays I do like a cocktail or two or a nice glass of wine! I do make sure I am getting my vegetable intake, drinking enough water and not choosing high fatty or salty foods the next day or even the night after!
Jess is a mother of two, wife, naturopath and clinical nutritionist who has recently moved from Australia to New Zealand. Her nutrition philosophy is based on helping people discover high quality nutritional foods that can be easy, convenient and delicious. You can find out more about Jess on her website.