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Everything you need to know about the flexitarian diet

Trying to take up vegetarianism but struggling to give up meat? Then the flexitarian diet may be for you!

Deciding to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet can be a wonderfully cleansing decision.
Choosing to forgo meat, be it for ethical or sustainability reasons, can be great for the environment and the individual. However giving up meat can be tricky.
For starters, our bodies require protein to build and repair tissue and for energy. Vegetarians can get around this by getting their protein (and the essential amino acids that come with it) from plant-based sources. But dealing with cravings for some delicious meat-heavy dishes - BBQ's, roast dinners and hamburgers, to name a few - can be a bit harder.
If you're struggling to give up meat, we can understand your struggle - which is why we've put together a video on flexitarianism.
The term flexitarianism combines the words 'flexible' and 'vegetarianism', and is exactly what it sounds: a mostly vegetarian diet with a little bit of leeway. The flexitarian diet came in at number three on this year's list of top diets - so perhaps it's worth a try.
To find out if this is the diet for you, check out our video above!