Woman turned away for being “too young” for cervical cancer diagnosed with disease

A brave young woman has opened up about her cervical cancer ordeal – in the hope that others won’t have to go through the same thing.

Heather Keating (24) took to Facebook to share the worrying symptoms that led her to attend her local doctor’s surgery just a few months ago – only to be turned away.
Because Heather was just 24, she was below the minimum age for free smear tests in her home country of Ireland.
Despite telling her doctor that she had been bleeding between periods and bleeding after sex, she was simply told to come back when she turned 25.
“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I had cancer,” Heather wrote in the Facebook post.
But three months later, and the bleeding had got worse – so bad that she had become anemic.
“I returned to my GP and was referred to a gynecologist. Biopsies were taken and I was then referred to a gynecology oncology specialist and then I was brought into the room.
“I knew what was coming…
“I was told I had cervical cancer.”
Fortunately for Heather, the cancer had not yet spread from her cervix, and she was booked in to have surgery on the area.
Just four weeks after being diagnosed, and Heather was cancer free. But she doesn’t want other young women to go through the same thing, and has decided to share her story to spread the word.
She writes: “That was the most dramatic emotionally painful experience of my life and no one should ever have to go through it. So with your help I want to share my story so that there is more awareness around cervix cancer.
“If you’re over 25 please go for your smear tests make time for it! They are so important. I wish I had the opportunity to have caught the cell changes before it became cancerous. If you are under 25 and feel something is not right please go and get it check out with your GP.”
Heather also details the symptoms of the disease:
“The symptoms are:
Abnormal bleeding
Heavy or longer periods
Between periods
After sex
After menopause
Foul smelling discharge
Pain or discomfort in the pelvis or during sex
“The more this is shared the more awareness it will create and hopefully more people will have caught it in time or before it even begins!
“So please share this and make sure your friends and family are going for their smears, there is nothing to be embarrassed about! It could save your life!”