This award-winning natural anti-ageing serum has been revamped and now it's even better than ever

Looking for a natural anti-ageing skincare product that truly does what it says? This cult favourite now has the added benefits of a very special ingredient and you'll want to add it to your beauty routine, stat!

By Now To Love with Snowberry
You may be quite familiar with the natural skincare benefits of Manuka honey, from helping to exfoliate the skin, to retaining moisture and helping to heal acne and keep wrinkles at bay, the list of benefits of this sweet substance is incredibly impressive.
Yet, what if we were to tell you that there happens to be another natural ingredient that can not only tick all the same boxes, but can actually go above and beyond?
Introducing the 'super honey' of New Zealand: Kanuka honey.

Why is Kanuka honey so beneficial for your skin?

Like its well-known cousin Manuka honey, Kanuka honey boasts anti-ageing and skin enhancing properties due to a special compound found within the honey called arabinogalactans (AGPs).
And it's the level of AGPs in the Kanuka honey which gives it its star power – the highest content of any New Zealand honey – making it even superior to Manuka honey for helping to treat skincare issues.
Why does AGP content matter? You know how we all wish we had smooth, radiant skin day in and day out?
The amount of AGPs is incredibly significant as they can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory, which in turn helps to soothe and heal skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea, all conditions that can make it harder for us to achieve that glowing, youthful-looking skin we all dream of.
Kanuka honey has the highest AGP levels of any New Zealand honey, meaning its skincare benefits even out-trump Manuka honey's.
Not only that, Kanuka honey has also been found to contribute to wound healing and repair and has been shown to possess antibacterial properties due to its hydrogen peroxide content.
With these benefits alone, we wouldn't be surprised if you're ready to rush out the door to grab the closest Kanuka honey product you can find, but before you do, let us introduce you to Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum.
Arguably the crowning jewel of natural anti-ageing products, you'll want to become familiar with this already much-loved serum by premium natural skincare brand Snowberry, now enhanced with - you guessed it - Kanuka honey.

Why you'll love Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum

Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum, at $85 (50ml), has been on the scene for a while now and quickly became a cult favourite.
Made in New Zealand, the natural anti-ageing serum has been proven to reduce wrinkles by 25.6 per cent in a gold standard clinical trial and was the only anti-wrinkle serum to be invited to be presented at the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology Vancouver.
Made by nature and boosted by science, the anti-ageing serum contains world-first CuPEP™, a unique peptide-delivery technology, developed after five years of extensive pharmaceutical research with the University of Auckland.
The delivery technology ensures the copper peptide passes through the epidermis to where it is needed to help remodel the skin, meaning it's helping to instruct your skin cells to produce more collagen, elastin and glycan which in turn helps your skin look more smooth and radiant, slow signs of ageing and work to counter sun damage and inflammation.
And now with the added benefits of Kanuka honey extract, harvested from the beehives of Snowberry's own gardens, the serum now has even more collagen boosting properties, which means you can begin to wave goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation and dry skin, thanks to Kanuka honey's ability to help retain moisture.
And if you think that's a lot for a skincare product to promise, its 4/5 star review by consumers and its placing as a finalist in the 2019 NZ Best of Beauty Awards, is proof its cult status is founded.
Suitable for all skin types, a little goes a long way with this super light-weight serum. It absorbs quickly and is an easy addition to your daily skincare routine.
Best applied before your moisturiser, apply a small amount to your face and neck morning and night, after you cleanse. You'll discover the best results if you let it sit for about five minutes before applying your moisturiser - this will allow the peptide technology we mentioned earlier, to more effectively work its magic.
So what are you waiting for? Add this to your daily skincare routine and see for yourself why this natural serum is loved by so many.
Whether you're wanting to reduce visible signs of ageing, reduce inflamed skin conditions or attain that enviable youthful glow, Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum has brought together the very best of nature and science. Once you've tried it, you'll ask yourself why you never tried it sooner!
Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum, now with Kanuka honey is available to purchase online and at select stockists nationwide.