Kiwi women share their favourite NZ-made skincare finds

Despite leading very different lives, these women share one thing in common - their passion for the Linden Leaves brand.

As individuals we are all so different, and what brings us together are common values and passions.
In this story you'll meet three very different women – a working mother, a business owner and a university graduate. Their lives could not be more different from one another's yet what gives them common ground is their shared passion for natural New Zealand-made skincare products. All three proudly use and support Kiwi brand, Linden Leaves.
We asked Sharon, Cathy and Bridget to share with us how their daily lives unfold, how they've incorporated self-care into their routines, and what they value most about the Linden Leaves products they've come to love.
"I love a nice soak in the bath with my lovely Linden Leaves oils or bubble bath." - Sharon

Sharon Smith, 50 - pharmacy sales assistant and mother of two

A typical day… starts around 6.45am. I check the news/Facebook then I'm up to shower and organise breakfast for the family. I take time to do my Linden Leaves skincare routine (yes I use all of their skincare products) and apply my make-up. Presentation is very important in my job.
I work until 3pm and do the school pick-up. Dinner is always eaten at the table with the family. At the end of a long day I love a nice soak in the bath with my lovely Linden Leaves oils or bubble bath. A true unwind for me.
Looking after your skin is… super important. It's the base for everything isn't it. I believe in using a reputable skincare range. I've tried many; I look at ingredients, feedback, history of a brand, where the product is made... The fragrance and texture is also very important. I love NZ-made and proudly support that. I use and promote the Linden Leaves brand.
I discovered Linden Leaves... a few years back. I felt quite inspired after reading about how Linden Leaves was started.
I was fortunate to visit the Linden Leaves factory in Christchurch and meet [Linden Leaves founder] Brigit Blair and her team. We were shown how the products are made; the boxes are all folded by hand and products like the oils individually handmade. I also visited Moffatt's Flower Company where Linden Leaves has an actual rose grown just for the Linden Leaves memories body oils.
My favourite Linden Leaves product is... the Linden Leaves miraculous facial oil! An amazing product which I apply at night; I mix a few drops in with my moisturiser. The properties in it give my skin total radiance.
My home is… organised, warm and welcoming. I like to have flowers in the house and a Linden Leaves aqua lily in bloom candle will almost certainly be burning. If you haven't tried them, do - 80 hours' burn time and the most delicate fragrances.
"My favourite Linden Leaves product is the Linden Leaves miraculous facial oil!" - Sharon

Cathy Pope, 46 - costume/makeup stylist and Cathy Pope Jewellery owner

A typical day… I couldn't describe for you as every day is completely different! If I'm working on my jewellery I spend a lot of time in my studio. If I'm in a TV job (styling for a TV commercial) I'm out and about shopping, doing fittings or filming.
What's important to me in skincare… I like supporting NZ companies that use natural ingredients and don't test on animals.
I discovered Linden Leaves... three years ago when I bought candles to burn in my studio. I loved that their natural fragrance created a calm ambience in my creative space.
My favourite Linden Leaves product is... Their hand creams. I always carry hand cream with me as my skin gets dry and I find Linden Leaves' amethyst crush fits perfectly in my handbag.
My home is… very eclectic. Candles, big crystal rocks and light are key elements.
"The natural fragrance of the Linden Leaves candles created a calm ambience in my creative space." – Cathy

Bridget McConnochie, 23 - university graduate and influencer

A typical day… starts with a herbal tea, meditation and a gentle flow yoga routine. Afterwards I have breakfast then shower and begin my beauty routine. I have a few key beauty essentials that I always use - Linden Leaves' balancing toner, Linden Leaves essential facial moisturiser, intensive repair eye cream, lip balm and lastly, Linden Leave's memories body oil to rehydrate my skin.
I recently completed my university studies, so every day is different. I've been enjoying travelling and focusing on my health and wellness journey.
At the end of each day I like to pamper myself with Linden Leaves' clay cleansing masque.
What's important in skincare… is that the brand isn't tested on animals and uses natural ingredients that aren't harsh on sensitive skin. A bonus is always a local skincare brand that uses organic ingredients and pays employees a living wage.
I discovered Linden Leaves... through my mother. As long as I can remember my mother has used Linden Leaves products. I was 18 when I started using its natural skincare range and have used it ever since.
"Linden Leave's Memories body oil - it's so nourishing and I love that there are real roses in the bottle!" - Bridget
My favourite Linden Leaves product is... The Linden Leave's Memories body oil from the aromatherapy synergy range. I couldn't be without it - it's so nourishing and I love that there are real roses in the bottle!
My home is... all about sustainability. I love my diffuser with calming essential oils, Linden Leaves candles and stone jali elephant aroma lamp.