Get naked, drink wine, have kids to live longer

The secrets to a long and healthy life have been revealed by a leading doctor and they're not as impossible as you'd think

Brew some coffee, throw away your multivitamins and simply smile are some of the tips from Dr David Argus, a world renowned cancer specialist, to increase your longevity.
In his book, A Short Guide to a Long Life, Dr Argus details how small changes can have a big impact on your health and vitality. You may have heard some of these before but others fly in the face of what we have been told for decades. You might be surprised...
Drink coffee
Tea and coffee in moderation has positive health benefits.
Stop taking vitamins
Vitamin supplements have been linked to an increased risk of serious disease, including cancer.
Smiling boosts your mood and triggers the release of endorphins and seratonin, which reduce stress.
Get naked
Strip off and take a good, long look at yourself. Do this regularly and it will help you spot any oddities and signs of skin cancer, rashes or lumps and bumps that need to be attended to.
Have a wine
Alcohol in moderation, especially red wine, helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
Make babies
Statistics show people with children live longer than those without. This is partly due to the fact that children and grandchildren help keep us active and mentally challenged.
Opt for frozen fruit and veges
You may think fresh is best but by the time it reaches the supermarket, it has lost a lot of nutrients along the way. So unless you buy fresh local produce that is currently in season, go for the frozen varieties which are usually picked at their peak.
Give up your high heels
As sad as this is for most women, the benefits are many. Not only will you be much more comfortable and see the end of blisters and bunions, the inflammation of your feet caused by stilettos will subside. Inflammation is linked to a myriad of diseases and accelerated ageing so it might be time to ditch those Choos!

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