The simple way to treat ageing skin concerns at home

Beautyheaven skincare editor Sarah Simpson has discovered a simple way to treat fine lines, large pores, deep lines, and uneven skin tone with Elizabeth Arden’s innovative new at-home peel system.

By Sarah Simpson with Elizabeth Arden
I've always been rather smug about my skin, but having recently turned another decade older, I can no longer deny that it's beginning to let me down in the radiance and texture stakes. Pigmentation and dullness are two problems I'm starting to face, and although they're the result of a lot of smiling – something I'd never regret – my fine lines seem to be deepening by the day.
Enter Elizabeth Arden's new PREVAGE Progressive Renewal Treatment, an at-home peel treatment which, when used over the course of a month, targets the top four concerns we tend to battle as the years go by – radiance and clarity; fine lines and large pores; deep lines, and uneven skin tone. Said to systematically build in actives and concentration as your skin adjusts to the level of potency, in the name of research (and my own vanity), I put it to the test.

Testing it out

Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE Progressive Renewal Treatment, $299.
At the press of a button, the transparent liquid inside the ampoule transformed into the apricot colour synonymous with all PREVAGE products.
A quick shake created an even milky shade, and after replacing the lid with the supplied dropper I was ready to go. After my evening cleanse, I applied the product to my face, extending it down to my décolletage and even popping some on the tops of my hands – notorious for showing age.
Over the first week, my skin seemed clearer and had a glow about it, and as the weeks went on, my complexion really evened out. A clear improvement to me, it was the comments I received from peers – many of whom asked what skincare I was using – that sold me on the effects of this progressive peel treatment.
I highly recommend it if you are after a treatment with powerful, visible results!

How it works

Forget any preconceived ideas you may have around peels. Far from the flaking skin you've long associated them with, this gentle resurfacing system has quite the opposite effect.
The formula heroes Idebenone (PREVAGE'S iconic antioxidant ingredient) and polyhydroxy acid (a game-changer for those with sensitive skin), which are mixed together before each application in progressively stronger concentrations. This approach not only increases the efficacy of the product, it also eliminates the potential for irritation.
Working to gently exfoliate the skin while encouraging natural cell turnover, the result is a fresher, more radiant complexion – and who doesn't want that?