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Life changing device claims to end period pain

For the thousands of women who suffer with period pain, this could change everything.
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While many of us resort to codeine and hot water bottles when that time of the month strikes, one company has developed a device that would seemingly render these redundant.

That’s because iPulse Medical has introduced Livia, a nifty device that promises to rid the user of period pain by tricking the body.

Using two electrodes stuck to the area you feel pain (usually the lower abdomen or back), the device will eliminate pain for 13 hours before it needs to be charged again, making it more convenient and longer lasting than pain killers.

Based on ‘Gate Control Theory,’ Livia uses a transmitting pulse that works by keeping the nerves ‘busy.’ Busy nerves mean that the nerve gate is closed, therefore pain signals cannot pass through and are not felt.

The device, that has already surpassed its fundraising goal, is still available for pre-order for two months, if you want to try it out.

So far tested on 163 women, the company claim they had “very successful results” during research.

Testimonials on the crowdfunding page include Tracey, 29, who said she doesn’t need pills at all after receiving the Livia.

We think we’ll be investing in one of these before too long!

Is this the cure for menstrual cramps?

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