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5 ways to cope with the end of daylight savings

It's the final sign summer is over, but there are ways to make the end of daylight savings easier.
Adjusting to daylight saving

We shouldn’t be surprised by the end of daylight savings – it happens year in, year out after all – and yet, come Monday morning workplaces and schools will be full of people confused about the time. Because what also doesn’t change, at least not immediately, are our body clocks.

In fact, shifting your body clock can cause havoc to your routine – experts say the effect from daylight saving time is similar to jet lag.

But there are a few ways you can make it easier to adjust to that clock going back an hour.


Working out or going for an early morning walk will release serotonin, a chemical that helps our mood. Why not make the most of that “extra” hour in the morning by getting your daily exercise done early? Leaving it too late in the day can impact on the quality of your sleep.

Stay clear of alcohol

Alcohol can play havoc with normal sleep cycles, so avoid using it as a sleep aide in the evenings and help your body adapt. The same thing, goes for caffeine, obviously.

Eat right

With the clocks changing, there’s a chance you may be hungry earlier or later than usual. Make sure you take this into account and avoid going to bed with a full stomach – yes, that will interfere with the quality of your beauty sleep too.

Light and dark

Get your circadian rhythm on track by using the right combination of light and darkness. Open those curtains early in the morning to make the most of the extra sunlight, and avoid screens before bed so your body knows it’s time to wind down.

Start early

Yes, unless you are very organised, you have missed the chance to jump on board with this tip, but there’s always a chance to action it come September. Reduced disruption to your working week by resetting one of your clocks a few days before everyone else – say Friday or Saturday – and eat, sleep and wake according to that clock. When Monday rolls around, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else.

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