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Steal her style: Amanda Nakarmi

How to copy the showroom manager of Showroom 22's simple yet impeccable taste.

What does your job involve?
The scope of my job includes strategy, media relations, content creation and event management. A typical day is a combination of all of these things, plus some organised chaos with a sprinkling of the unexpected!
How would you describe your style?
Classic. I wear clothing that’s timeless: blazers, shirts, denim, black. I try not to over-analyse new trends or force myself into them. Instead, I wear the pieces that fit me well.
What would surprise people about your wardrobe?
If I find something that works, I’ll buy it again. My favourite blazer, shirt and pants are represented in my wardrobe in at least two different colours, which might seems excessive, but I hate wandering aimlessly through stores looking for something that resembles its well-worn counterpart.
Do you have a favourite item?
It’d have to be my wedding shoes, which were a gift from my husband, Matthew Stretton. They’re custom-made Prada heels in a nude saffiano leather with a baby-blue sole, complete with my initials in gold. They’re my dream.
What’s your fashion obsession?
At the moment, it’s the scarf. It’s such a versatile item, and a great way to incorporate prints into my wardrobe.
How do you tackle casual?
Sneakers! They’re no longer just comfortable– they’re a fashion statement. Mine don’t see the inside of the gym as much as I’d like, but I keep a close eye on sneaker trends and believe the hype.
What’s your ultimate style advice?
It’s something I have to remind myself: wear what works for you, not someone else.
Do you have a signature scent?
I have two: Acqua di Parma and Creed Silver Mountain Water.
Clockwise from top left: Scarf, $320, by Bess, Jeans, $339, by C&M, Shirt, $370, by Paris Georgia Basics, Christian Louboutin heels, $860, from Matches Fashion, Creed Silver Mountain Water 75ml, $399.
What does your skincare regime entail?
I’ve recently started using products from innovative brand The Ordinary. Most of it is water-based, so you’re nourishing your skin without drowning it in heavy creams.
Do you have any go-to brands?
Harman Grubiša – it represents the woman I aspire to be. It’s sophisticated and elegant, and every garment is designed with such care. I mix in Camilla and Marc for a bit of an edge, and in summer, Ingrid Starnes always romances me with her collections.