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Could this be the end to painful high heels?

A new era has dawned for high heels - and it's great news for the vertically challenged.

For many women, wearing heels can cause all manner of foot problems.
From bunions to tendon damage, high heels can wreak havoc on our feet. So how can you fuel your heel addiction without having to forgo comfort?
Finally, after years of searching for the answer to comfy heels, experts think they have the answer.
A combination of Botox and dermal fillers, injected in to the ball of the foot, is apparently the magic duo that will get your feet high heel ready.
The procedure, that can apparently make stilettos feel as comfortable as flats, has become more and more popular – especially with professional women who choose to wear high shoes on a daily.
Podiatrist Jake Heath says a big part of his job is talking to people about footwear best practice.
"Wearing high heels changes the natural biomechanics of the foot which has been honed by thousands of years of walking," he tells The Telegraph.
“Postural changes associated with continued use of high heels can affect the anterior ankle, knee, hips and lumbar spine, as well as shortening the effective range of motion at the Achilles.”
There have been moves by some designers to create 'pain-free' heels, but so far the general consensus is that you can't experience the same comfort as flats from these kinds of shoes.