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Angela Stone shares her top styling tips for Kiwi women

Mantras to live by.

While Housewives of Auckland star Angela Stone didn't always impress her co-stars, one thing she has proven herself to be is a style queen. No matter the occasion she always looks fabulous. She knows clothes and she knows how to flatter the female form. Here, Angela shares with us some of her top fashion tips, as well as a little about herself:

My day-to-day outfit consists of…

A classic handbag, a pair of heels and a tailored dress probably from UK designer Karen Millen.

If I could raid one person’s wardrobe, it would be

Sarah Jessica Parker's - fun, colourful and creative

The websites I check every day are…

Harper's Bazaar and CNN.

The movie I’ve watched the most in my life is

Eat Pray Love

My favourite day of the week is

Monday because I have a whole week of magic waiting to happen.

If I were a billionaire…

I would work with people who are helping those in need.

The best birthday I ever had was…

When I turned 40. Having my children, friends and family all under one roof was a night I wish never ended.

My top 3 best styling tips for Kiwi women

1 Get dressed every day to impress. Put on your best dress – don't save it for a special occasion.
2 Love what you wear. If you don't love it, don't wear it. Feeling the difference will make you smile.
3 Don't get caught up in the black trap. Colour your world; you will look fresh, fun and alive.

My typical day…

Every morning when I wake I take time to say thank you. I exercise between 6am and 7am – sometimes I run, do yoga or go to the gym. I mix it up. I then get ready to embrace the day by getting dressed, making my list of what needs to be done and clearing my emails.
Some days, I have meetings to attend – I may have to fly to see clients, step into planning meetings and attend functions or events. Not one day is the same. I always check in with friends and my children throughout the day. It's never boring; there's never nothing to be done.

I would describe my style as

Classic with a twist, corporate and stylish.

My favourite quote or poem is…

"Trust in everything you do otherwise it will all turn to rust."

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