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How to care for winter coats, according to Ruby's leading designer

Get extra mileage out of your trusty winter coat, with professional care instructions from designer Deanna Didovich.

By Jessica-Belle Greer
When winter comes around, New Zealand luxury-meets-street-wear label Ruby can be depended on for your next warm, wear-anywhere coat.
Designer Deanna Didovich shares her top tips on how to make the most of your winter staple:

Dry cleaning

"Winter coats are often wardrobe investments so they deserved to be cared for properly, so once or twice a season it is best to take it to a trusted dry cleaner."

Home washing

"If you are unable to get your coat to a dry cleaner, you can wash them in the machine at home using a gentle cycle.
Just make sure you turn your coat inside-out to protect the fabric and use a delicate wool or cashmere shampoo.
Set your wash on a gentle cycle using warm or cool water, never use direct heat so make sure you hang dry and steam out any wrinkles.
Popping a wool coat in the dryer will shrink it. If you need to, you can roll your coat in a clean town to squeeze out any extra moisture."

Stain removal

"If you have any urgent stains you need to attend to, make sure you act quickly, use a delicate detergent and blot the stain before washing - don't rub. When in doubt, seek professional advice."