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Gryffindior: The Instagram account that puts Harry Potter characters in couture

This Instagram account proves that the Harry Potter films could have done with a little high-fashion glamour.

By Alex Blackwood
Dior was founded in 1946, the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001, yet so far the only place they mixed was in Emma Watson's red carpet ensembles. Yet in January 2018, we were finally blessed with Gryffindior's first post.
The fan account takes stills from the Harry Potter series and puts one of the characters in each post in a Dior outfit.

The result is at once hilarious, beautiful and so well Photoshopped so as not to look out of place in the wizarding world. And might we add that Professor Minerva McGonagall can seriously rock black lipstick?

We reckon there is room for expansion on this. Lord Of The Blings? Fantastic Bags and Where to Find Them? Or can someone please make Jon Snow wear some colour for once?
In any case, J. K Rowling needs to hear about this and seriously think about adding a healthy dose of Dior to her next movie. Hint hint, Joanne.