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Finally, gloves you can wear while using your phone

One of the most annoying things about winter has been solved.

By Jessica-Belle Greer
If you’ve ever been caught in the cold, tossing up whether it is worth whipping off your gloves to send a message or take a photo on your phone, you’ll be pleased to know that a stylish line of touchscreen sensitive gloves has made its way to New Zealand.
emke is the brainchild of a New York-based Australian entrepreneur named Emily Truong who came up with the concept after travelling around Europe in winter. Only able to find styles that "look like 'tech' gloves" to use her phone with, Truong spent two years developing a much more stylish take on the practical accessory.
The base of the glove is 80 per cent premium wool, with an additional layer of 100 per cent cotton for additional warmth and a soft, luxurious feel. The touchscreen tip is the secret to the design, which is made of a conductive yarn that matches the colour of the gloves so you’ll barely know it’s there as you type away on your smartphone or tablet.
All styles are priced at $28, and they come in a range of styles, including hounds-tooth or fur trim, and various colourways; namely black, coffee and red velvet. All are available to shop online now.