The stars of The Masked Singer reveal behind-the-scenes secrets

The hit show’s host and guessing panellists reveal some
behind-the-scenes secrets ahead of the second season

Sharyn Casey

The Edge Afternoons radio star and Dancing With The Stars host is back on the guessing panel for a second series of The Masked Singer NZ. "Last season, the singing blew me away and I still can't get over some of the celebrities who had secret superstar voices," says the mum-of-two, 36. "Get ready for more epic costumes, positive vibes and me missing the totally obvious singers!"
What's your favourite thing about the show?
I'm not gonna lie – it's when I have zero idea, so I start throwing out the names of friends who would never do the show or I know can't sing just to wind them up. That's pretty fun!
What was your favourite moment from last season?
Matilda Green's reveal! I was adamant the jellyfish wasn't her and couldn't figure it out, then there she was!
What did you learn from that first series?
The clues help, but you have to get really elaborate with them because they can be a bit of a reach. Also, make sure the person is alive before you guess them!
Which celeb would you be most excited to see on the show?
John Kirwan or Richie McCaw – someone you wouldn't expect to come out and belt it.

James Roque

A regular on the local comedy scene, everyone's favourite Filipino-Kiwi funnyman returns to the panel to keep us in stitches. "This is the most fun gig in the world!" the 30-year-old raves. "If you told a young James that one day he'd be paid to watch a bunch of wild mascots singing, he would've said, 'This is a prank. I bet I end up going to nursing school like my mum wanted!'"
What's the most challenging part of the show for you?
Watching episodes back because it's so much easier to guess from the comfort of your own home. When you're on the set, with the crowd, lights and noise, the vibe is completely different. For everyone commenting online that I didn't get an obvious voice, it's harder in the room, OK?!
What did you learn from the first season?
That the producers are desperate to throw me off the scent by including deliberately misleading clues, but this year, I'm going full Detective Daddy mode. I will not be falling for it!
Which celeb would you be most excited to see?
If the producers somehow managed to find some throwback international superstar like Sisqo or Craig David, I would simply pass away. That or Ben Lummis. I'll always be counting on a Ben Lummis appearance.

Anika Moa

Prepare to start Falling In Love Again with the award-winning Kiwi songbird and Flava radio star as she makes her debut on the Masked Singer guessing panel. "I'm always up for a good time and a laugh," mum-of-four Anika, 42, says when asked why she signed up for the show. "I mean, people in exquisite costumes and the mystery of who's actually singing… What could possibly go wrong?!"
What will be the most challenging part of the show for you?
Sitting still, and not getting up to sing and dance with the contestants! That'll be hard for a psycho like me. Also, I'm judgy, but my role is as a panellist, not a judge, so I have to cool my engines on the judginess.
What was your favourite moment from last season?
I could hardly believe Matilda was under the jellyfish mask. She was sensational! It was a total surprise.
What does your family think of the show?
My kids love it and are completely excited their geeky mama is going to be on it.
Which celeb would you be most excited to see?
Jacinda Ardern. What can't she do? Expect to be entertained by some of Aotearoa's finest!

Clint Randell

Also returning for a second round, Sharyn's Dancing With The Stars co-star is back as host. The father-of-two, 37, tells us, "We have so many genuine laughs making this show and the talent hiding under the masks was such a high standard last year, so I couldn't wait to find out who they'd gotten this time around!"
What did you learn from the first series?
Don't make silly wagers. Last year, my big mouth caused me to do the opening of episode eight in my Speedos. I consequently found out it was the lowest-rating episode of the season. Note to self: Keep clothes on!
What does your family think of the show?
My kids are obsessed and for this short part of the year, I definitely get to be the cool dad! It's not every day they get to jump inside one of their favourite TV shows, see these giant characters perform live and wear the heads backstage.
If you could perform on the show, what would you wear and sing?
My costume would be a cowboy hat-wearing chameleon. I'd sing country songs and change colours the whole time. I've put too much thought into this, haven't I?

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